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Any interest in reviving this thing?

So recently I've found myself with a lot more time on my hands and a desire to make crafts for random people, and was thinking about reviving this thing and hosting rounds over on weasyl, kind of like conbadges is doing.

So I want to know: Who out there would be interested in taking part in the first round.

I also want to suggest a few amendments:
-Once your art is finished and it costs more than a stamp to mail, you have the option of requesting a small amount of compensation for the mailing. However you can't ask more than the cost of the mailing. That way people don't have to send their item at cost to themselves, and you can elect to take part in a pairing with someone who is going to be doing something that will need compensation for mailing.
Also don't mail your item out to someone who hasn't turned in. That way its only fair to people in the community who are coming through with their item.

So what do folks think?
Anyone out here still interested in this ?


Community Hiatus

So it seems as though interest in the community has waned to the point where its not really worthwhile to continue to host rounds. So I'm suspending further rounds till a later date when I or one of the other mods is not so busy, or we get some renewed interest in the community. As much as I love this community and want it to continue, my time commimments are much differnt and I fear this means finally retiring the community for good.

I'll leave this public so people who are interested can read, and perhaps we'll see some renewed energy for this community. Till then I wish you all the best and thank you for taking part in this little creative outlet that has been a source of pride for me for nearly 4 1/2 years.


Attn Growly and Mazz

Originally I owed Growly something a while back from the exchange and I had adopted Mazz a while back as well. 

I apparently forgot to post these here but here are the key chains i've made for them. I think I was waiting for them to be printed since I don't personally print them. A friend of mine does for me so those should be sent out soon. 

Art Under HereCollapse )

Round end

Ok Round 33 ended on Friday.

Have yet to turn in. Please let me know if y'all need more time or what's the case, or I can see about getting your stuff adopted out.
Also Sign ups for Round 34 (no theme) are up.

Have yet to turn in. Assignments are due Friday. I'm posting sign ups for the next round now. Please spread the word!

Hey Lurkerwisp

I got you this round and felt like doing something rather festive.  I hope you like it.  I'll get it mailed out in a day or two.


Attention Blackberrypie

I got you this round, and made you a couple little things.


The one is a magnet of your character, made of clay and baked to harden. The other is a blackbird plush out of fleece so nicely soft. Great to sit on top of your computer, on your car dash, etc.
I know not much "holiday" to it, just your character though I could make the plush a little scarf to wear in the winter if you'd like. :)

I'll get it in the mail within the next couple days.
Hope you enjoy!

For moxie26

Hey there Moxie! I have something for you~


I can string it up on hemp, an organza ribbon necklace, regular fabric ribbon with some beads, or I can see if I can find anything else you'd like like. ^__^ I know its not exactly Holiday themed but

Holy lateness of lateness batman!

Hey tabenclearwater!
This is a long long long long overdue item for you (I wanna say its been like 2 years o.o)! Its a bamboo tile from a placemat! I painted a likeness of your character on it and I can turn it into a keychain or necklace for you! just let me know which! Also please send me your address to blackberrypiecrafts@gmail.com so I can get it out to you! So sorry for taking so long on this! :C

Also sorry for the crummy cellphone pic (its a little brighter in person). Once I get my nicer camera back (should be tomorrrow) I'll have a better pic for you! :)


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