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February 13th, 2018

Mail master list

OK. Here's the running tally of who has and has not yet received their art:

From round one (MAILING DUE DATE: FEB. 29):
zoom_gas: waitin on badge posted Dec. 21 by anjel (some problem with a PO box)
grrowly: waiting on badge posted by adopter moonstone on Feb. 7, also on drawing posted 1/7 by zoom_gas
squeeji: waiting on badge posted Dec. 17 by shirik
allykat: waiting on badge posted Dec. 23 by crowebasalt
anjel: waiting on badge posted Dec. 2 by allykat

From round two (MAILING DUE DATE: MARCH 29):
moonstone: waiting on magnet posted Feb. 10 by grrrowly
parathalyn: waiting on scarf posted Feb. 12 by gilligan
amphetamine: waiting on figurine posted Feb. 7 by lovesickeskimo
simplysithel: waiting on badge posted Feb. 5 by shin (mailed, waiting for confirmation)
Gilligan: waiting on badge posted Feb. 7 by moonstone
mazz: waiting on badge posted Feb. 6 by shirik
shirik: waiting on plush posted Jan. 10 by chrysocome
glowsheep: waiting on plush posted Feb. 5 by simplysithel
broadwaystar: waiting on scroll posted Jan. 12 by parathalyn
tampaneko: waiting on figurine posted Jan. 9 by JTbeckett
shinmaxwell: waiting on magnets posted March 1 by squeeji
leah_freenote: waiting on a hat from nanayena
leah_freenote: waiting on charms and a pony from anjel

Round three (MAILING DUE DATE: APRIL 29):
iatro: waiting on a plush posted Feb. 15 by jtbeckett
zoom_gas: waiting on a bracelet posted Feb. 28 by leah_frenote (some problem with a PO box)
simplysithel: waiting on a pile of swag from parathalyn
parathalyn: waiting on art from amphetamine42
gilligan: waiting on badge from fragile_alchemy
shinmaxwell and kaiju_sisters: waiting on plushies from nurikochan and aminomiko
xscarredonex: waiting on badge and magnet from mazz
jtbeckett: waiting on art from broadwaystar
fragile_alchemy: waiting on badge from shinmaxwell
leah_freenote: waiting on a sculpture from korth_dono
amphetamine42: waiting on a cellphone charm and beaded dealy from iatro
shinmaxwell: waiting on a pillow from the kaiju sisters
aminomiko: waiting on a necklace from moonstone_wind
paiseley: waiting on keychain from blitzava
moonstone_wind: waiting on a badge from xscarredonex

I'll keep this post updated as people post art and notifications that they've got it in the mail. If you haven't received your art and you're not on this list, comment, please (With a description of what you're waiting for and the date when your chosen posted it, if you know it.) Also, if you have got your stuff and you forgot to make a post about it (or I missed it when I went over the community postings), let me know.

EDIT 1, Feb. 13: I knew I'd miss some. (For a smallish community, we've generated a lot of posts in just a few months!) Thanks for the sharp eyes, folks.
EDIT 2, Feb. 17: Added mailing due dates and the first entry for Round Three.
EDIT 3, Feb. 23: Updated to reflect anjel receiving her badge.
EDIT 4, Feb. 28: Added zoom_gas and crossed off glowsheep.
EDIT 5, March 5: La la la maintenance
EDIT 6, March 18: more stuffs.
Edit 7, March 20.
EDIT 8, APRIL 8: long overdue maintenance.


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