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2 things

First off welcome onesteptwo as our new maintainer who has agreed to help us finally finish up putting together the AB post we've belatedly still intend on submitting.

Also Saturday was our 4th year anniversary. I had planned on doing something special for us all but it didn't happen in such a timely manner, but stay tuned for more on that soon. '

Lastly Sign ups for our two month Holiday round are open and will close next week. This round will run from Nov 11- Jan 6th, so there will be ample time to get in your holiday gifts and take part to get something for yourself.

Anyway I look forward to folks signing up.

round over

Happy Halloween.
Everyone Turned in yay! I'll post sign ups for next round.


Hey Anjel_Kitty!

(as seen on Furaffinity)

Sorry this took me awhile to upload; I've had it done, just haven't had the chance to put it up. I won't be able to mail it until next week (schedule just isn't working out), but you should see it by this time next week! (:

AB post to happen this week

Ok folks. Deadline is up. the people on this entry will be posted on AB. If you happen to be one of these people, please contact us and let us know so we can mark the post resolved, or if you can get to in time, not post you. For those of you who did come forward to absolve yourselves from the Black list, thanks so much. This post is going to be kind of a big deal so I welcome our community support and solidarity. Hopefully this will remind people it is NOT ok to simply neglect both trades and exchange communities.

Got my stuff

Got my oh so adorable bookmark today from Lurkerwisp and even a badge from another exchange group.

The scan truly did not do it justice.  The colors are gorgeous and vibrant, plus the sparkly pen really accents it.  Thanks so much.

People to be posted on AB

Ok community! Mazz and I have contacted everyone we could on the blacklist. Here are the people who have yet to contact us:

If you Know any of these people please help us out by pointing to this entry and letting them know they have till Next Monday (Oct 10) to report in with us or they will be posted.

Thank y'all so much for those of you who have elected to be removed from the black list. Mazz and I will be following up with who does their assignments, so please be sure to keep up with us if you have circumstances that arise which prevent you from completing your make up round. I'd like to see all the blacklist folks resolved by the start of next year, so January, 5, 2012. If this is not a possibility PLEASE LET US KNOW and we will try to mark you as contingent on getting your stuff done until a later date, otherwise we'll be making another post with people who have yet t post their blacklist adoptions by January 2012.

While this community has taken a lot of time that I find myself guilty to spare lately, I still feel it is worth it and I'm glad to be a part of it. I loath the idea of using A_B as a threat to get people to come through, but I do feel that exchange communities like this one and conbadgesserve an important role in our online art community by providing artists and crafts with structured trades with deadlines. Learning to follow deadlines is an important skill for nearly any profession, including artists, and the connections made in these communities can develop into life long friendship. I therefore feel that while it may just be an "internet thing" to some people, its still an important obligation to come through with your half of the trade. I appreciate the hard work and dedication of our devoted members who keep this community going strong, and look forward to seeing it continue to thrive for years to come.

With that I'm going to have this be the last entry on the matter of black listing, and hopefully more people will come through with their half, we can get some more people on the list of folks to adopt, and we can keep the community running smoothly.

Best to you all,

Hey Mazz

I got you for my first round here.  I wanted to try out something a bit different so I hope you like it. 


Hey there Emirasan! :D

Tada a bookmark! Since we're in a Halloween round I gave you the easiest costume your character could possibly devise - you've got the wings, throw on a bedsheet and a headband halo and you're an instant angel. ;)

This has a nifty tassel in a nice coordinating shade of blue and also lots of glitter that just plain didn't show up in the scan. It'll be next Monday before I can make it to the post office again because that's the only time my being off work and their being open occur at the same time, but it will be all packaged up and ready to go ASAP. :)


Ok so I've been trying to gather who needs to be adopted for settling things out with the black list. Its hard to keep up with since we have had a lot of people modding with some inconsistent keeping tract of whose turned in and mailed out.

So I want to first ask that those who are in need of being adopted please post on this entry with the round you never received art so we can make a note of it.

In addition, I'm going to list a few or our more devout memebers who've turned in every round to be adopted by folks to get your name off the Black list.

If the people on this list would please submit their info in comments in this post, and then PM the person adopting them their address when it is turned in, we can see about getting this black list taken care of.

So the people up for adoption are:
mazz -devoted moderator and participant since this comm started
lurkerwisp has turned in on time for every round and been very dedicated to mailing out art.
purpurealuna has taken part in quite a few rounds and submitted some really excellent pieces
squidtape also taken part for a few rounds and needed to be adopted from the summer rounds
dakotabailey Long time member and also someone who has made sure to come back from the black list each time

And I guess I throw myself in there too so anjel_kitty is also up for adopting.

I will add more people to this list as needed when they turn in their art (cough cough onesteptwo, goosestep_lion, and rizzy_rau)

So as I mentioned check the comments for people's who can be adopted, and just comment that you are adopting them.

Thanks y'all for responding to my request (threat) to get off the black list. I'm really happy to see that y'all are willing to rectify the situation so this community can continue to thrive and be active. Through out the years this has been one of the things via LJ that I have taken most pride in, and even though I have next to no time to do any art, I still make an effort to take part. Being creative and crafty is important for my health and well being as I'm sure it is for some of y'all. Here's hoping that we can all get some great creativity continuing for years to come for this community.


Attn Black listed folks

Hi community! I wanted to send out an email to preemptively ask that anyone on the Blacklist try to report in and see about expunging yourself from the record by turning in your art. I'm preparing to make a post on artists_beware about long term blacklisted people in light of all the recent activity about trades. In my opinion, since this community has been ongoing for nearly 4 years (next month!), that neglecting to turn in your assignment is tantamount to not completing a trade. This sort of non-action is especially egregious in this community due to the fact that we mail out our items to our chosen ones, and hence you are essentially getting an item for free. I want to give the people on the black list a chance to communicate with me and let me know how, if and when you can turn in and get your name off the blacklist before I make a post on A_B. Therefore if you are one of the people listed below, or you happen to know or be friends with this person, I will give y'all one week to let me know if you plan, when you plan, or who you need to make something for, otherwise I will be composing a post to beware of these people.
mazz is going through and finding out more recent instances where people failed to turn in their art, along with long time derelict blaklisted people, and we'll be sure to post them up here so you can get an idea if you owe art. Be aware that we do not want you to turn in your art immediately, just communicate with us your intentions of getting your art in. Furthermore its not as important that you've mailed your art, simply that you've done your half. We'll try to wrangle mailings at some point later on. Right now we want to just get a tally of who never turned in their art and then has not communicated with us about it.

mazz, Can you get a list of people who have been blacklisted from rounds past and post it up?



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