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Everyone loves getting mail- Real media only Exchange

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If you come across any issues with the community, please contact one of the three above acting moderators

Real Media Mail Exchange

How it works

Each round lasts a month, unless otherwise stated. To take part, sign up under the designated sign up post with your information. You can enter both human and anthro characters. When roll call is closed, the moderator will email you "chosen one" out to you, and you will have one months time to submit your art to the exchange, either as a scan or digital image.

*Update* Given the high nature of mailing costs for packages, the person who creates an item has the option to ask for compensation for mailing costs of item the create if it is a 3D media item requiring mailing costs. This rule is to offset the cost of shipping so the artist has more freedom to create something they can then share rather than doing it at a cost to themselves.
Because this is real media mail exchange your obligation does not end in simply posting your art for your chosen one. You will have 2 months from when the official round ends to mail your art to your chosen one. You can exchange addresses via email once you have posted your art. When your chosen one receives his or her art, they will be required to post that they have on the community so they can be checked off for that round. If you fail to mail your art out with in a 2 month period after the official end of the round, you will be placed on a black list and be unable to take part in future rounds.

The moderator will make a sticky post for each round in order to keep track of who has received their art.

What you can Submit

Certain rounds will be subject to themes. For instance, in December the theme may be ornaments, or some other specific type item. There will also be media-specific themed rounds, such as crayons or foamies, etc. The standard item to exchange will usually be conbadges, but feel free to use your creative license on portraying your chosen's one's character in what ever media you chose for "open" rounds.

Other information

* If there is someone you absolutely do not want to have your address or be paired with, please let it be known to your moderator via email.
* You will be allowed one "grace period" round, if your mail gets lost. This will work on the honors system that you did actually mail your art, and it was actually lost, and not that you simply flaked out on mailing it. If your mail gets lost twice, you will have to re-make and mail your chosen one another piece of art, but will have an extension to do so.
* If your mail is returned to your address, you will have to notify your chosen one, but you will not be put on a black list. You are permitted to ask for a small donation from your chosen one for the cost of reposting your art

Please Note: This community idea is still in the works, and is thus the rules are subject to change. The moderator will be sure to inform the members of any new regulations

Also, until further notice, membership is moderated, and therefore you must request to be a member. Most people will be able to join, however, this is just to keep trolls and certain notorious people from joining.

Black list
rizzy_rau,tabenclearwater - Round 28

Master Mail Matrix

Round 24- Feb-March 2010
Round 23- Feb Jan 2010- Taben reward round
Round 22-Dec 2009-Holiday round
Round 21- Nov 09
Round 20- Oct 09
Round 19- Sept 09
Round 18 July/Aug 09
Round 17- June 09
Round 16 May 09
Round 15- April 09
Round 14- March 09
Round 13- Feb 09 round
Round 12- Jan/Feb 09- Ulario reward round
December 2008- Round 11
November 2008- Round 10
October/Sept 2008- Round 9
August 2008- Round 8
Round 7- July/June 2008
Round 6 June/May 2008
Round 5- Mar/April 2008
Round 4- Feb/Mar 2008
Round 3- Feb 2008
Round 2- Jan 2008
Round 1- Nov/Dec 2007

*Top most row is current round
*TI stands for turned in which hotlinks to post where assignment was turned in
*Mail means chosen one has received item.
*Adoptions and revealed assignment lists can also be found below Mail Matrix